What is body psychotherapy?

Integrative body psychotherapy (IBP) is a synthesis of several psychological approaches, including Gestalt therapy, Reichian therapy, Self psychology, object relations and many techniques that include the body in the development and integration of the self.

I help my clients to experience a new vitality and to nurture an authentic connection to the self, based on the Body-Heart-Mind connection.

Profound change becomes possible thanks to breathing, mindful presence, boundary work and affective self-regulation in relationships.


Every woman deserves to have a good self-esteem to accomplish her dreams. The good news is that self-love can be learned and cultivated!

Can you tolerate the gaze of others on your body?
Do you feel comfortable being photographed?
How do you feel wearing your bathing suit or in front of the mirror?

Learn to stay present by focusing on your body’s vitality, your breathing and your smile.
Positive neuroplasticity exercises will help you create new associations in your brain to fully feel beautiful regardless of your “imperfections,” like your weight, stretch marks, blemishes or wrinkles. You will fall in love with your body, and this will help you feel more confident in your relationships, particularly in your love life!


My secret formula includes the idea of coming together to recognize collective shame and the fear of the female body. It is a radical act to include sensuality as a way to feel empowered. I suggest exercises to feel open, and movement, breathing, dance, sound, laughter, art making, creative visualization and positive neuroplasticity exercises.

Be affectionate with yourself!

I want you to have a tool kit to manage the critical voices in your head that judge you. It is time to interrupt the terrorism of the female body that keeps you anxious and confused.


Do you want to fall in LOVE
with your body?

Free yourself of those Photoshopped images that create so much pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards and the stereotyped ideas of a SEXY woman.

Are you ready to seduce your soul with your VITALITY? Your POWER?

Why consult me?

An innovative approach!

During my university education, I studied feminine body language, self-image, feminism and the human through art. This passion finds it’s way through my work with my clients today.

Sessions with me are different from traditional therapy. Since everyone has blind spots, working with me is beneficial to activate inner resources to unblock issues and problems in order to feel better.

My approach is innovative but is based on science, as I apply techniques such as breathing, movement and other gentle body-mind methods to reconnect and expand vitality and deep feelings of joy.

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